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Computer Buying Basics

Computer buying basics are fairly simple when one knows what to look for. Finding what is right for each individual will depend upon what it will be needed for. Everything from quality built systems to cheap and junky processors are out there for the choosing, so it

Xbox Games

Developed by Microsoft, the Xbox game was created as a video game console and introduced to players in the fall of 2001. This series of games eventually reached more than 24 million customers by 2006 and the Xbox is still going strong today. Some of the most

How To Choose A Games Console To Buy

Video game playing is an incredibly popular hobby and activity for scores of people all over the world. Even those who have never played such games a day in their life before might get caught up in all the excitement of giving gaming a go. For the

Apple IPhone 5C Hands On

The Apple iPhone 5C has dimensions of 123.8mm X 58.6mm X 7.6mm and weighs in at 112 grams, providing users with a sleek and comfortable form factor. Users should not let its size fool them though, because an A7 chip with 64-bit Architecture brings this iPhone nearly

Determining Your Digital Camera Needs

When you pick a digital camera you need to put some effort into thinking about what you may like to do. There are some cameras that are going to work fine for some people, but the same camera may be unacceptable for others. Make a clear decision

The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a video game console released by Nintendo back in 2006 and was a dramatic departure from any previous video game system at the time. Unlike every other video game system to that point, the Wii added logic to the controls with a motion-controlled

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is one of the staples from the Samsung Galaxy family. Millions of these phones sold against the regular sized phone. A lot of consumers chose this device because the the features. Screen Size The consumer that was impressed with a smaller phone

How To Put Videos On IPhone

Formatting Formatting is the first critical step that you need to address when transferring videos onto your iPhone device. The iPhone is picky in that it will only permit certain file types to be transferred onto the phone. The accepted list of formats that the iPhone will
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